Ivy Recruiting Your Athletic Advantage

Introductory Services

Recruiting Overview(For a limited time, this service is being offered on a complimentary basis).
I will conduct a telephone conversation with the student-athlete and his/her family to provide the information necessary to understand the recruiting process including:
  • The four requirements necessary to be a recruited athlete
  • The four steps of the recruiting process
  • The mandatory registration with the NCAA Clearinghouse
  • The athletic scholarships available for their sport
  • The number of colleges that participate in each sport by NCAA Division
  • The NCAA regulations including the timing when coaches can contact athletes
  • The Athletic Advantage
To request a free Recruiting Overview conversation, fill out the request form suggesting some times when you can be contacted (allow 30 minutes for this conversation).

Although there is no obligation after the initial phone conversation, the next step would be:

Evaluation and Recommendation
If a family is interested in learning what the likelihood is of their student-athlete being recruited by a selective school, this is where to start. You will receive an objective evaluation by phone and/or email based on the following information provided to and evaluated by me:
    Evaluation based on:
  • The student-athlete’s desire, athletic background, physical attributes, statistics, athletic honors or recognition, and extracurricular accomplishments
  • A review of the student’s academic and testing record, and confirmation of the student’s meeting of the NCAA core course requirements to be an NCAA "Qualifier"
  • A conversation with the athlete’s coach/s about the athlete’s ability to play at the collegiate level
  • The colleges the student-athlete is most interested in attending
  • The prospect and family goals, including family financial situation, scholarship needs, and academic and geographic preferences

  • Recommendation
  • Discussion of the chances of being recruited at selective schools at each level (Division I, II, III), and what it will depend on
  • Recommendation of schools that student-athlete is likely to qualify for as both a recruited and as a non-recruited athlete
For those student-athletes who would like help in getting recruited at a selective school, there are two programs to consider:

1. The S.T.A.R. Program (Strategy and Tactics for Athletic Recruiting) includes:

Personalized Strategic Action Plan
I will provide a customized plan for the athlete and his family to follow with consideration to:
  • Methodology for determining the most likely colleges to contact
  • A list of approximately 25 recommended colleges (depending on sport)
  • A communication program for contacting coaches
  • Guidance in the creation of an initial letter to be used in a communication program
  • A list of email addresses for the coaches at those colleges
  • A timeline to follow regarding course selection, testing dates, coach contact recommendations, applications, visits, etc.
  • A recommendation for getting the most out of official or unofficial visits
  • Club or travel team recommendations
  • Advice on video techniques to provide the greatest advantage to the prospect
  • A recommendation on how to best utilize a video and profile
  • A discussion of the value of camps
  • A list of over 20 useful Web sites
  • Information on prospective colleges, such as deadlines for application, cost, and academic rankings
Personal Profile
I will create a personal 4-color profile and provide it as a Word document to be attached to emails, and forward it to a local Kinko’s for reproduction for distribution to coaches by the client. To see a sample, click here.

Personal Video
I will oversee the creation of a professionally edited video from footage submitted by the client in any format, and provide the original to the client for reproduction and distribution.

2. The Ivy Recruiting Program includes:

Personalized Strategic Action Plan

Personal Profile To see a sample, click here.

Personal Video

Recommendation Emails and Phone Calls
I will send a personalized email recommendation to all appropriate selective school coaches and continue to maintain personal contact with the coaches through phone calls or email on behalf of the student-athlete. The purpose of this contact will be to recommend the student-athlete, and to determine the coach’s interest in the student-athlete throughout the recruiting process.

Unlimited Personal Advice
I will be available to the client and his or her family on a 24/7 basis by email and phone throughout the balance of the student-athlete’s high school career:
  • To evaluate and interpret the meaning of all coach’s responses or non-responses and to recommend the best strategic reply or action
  • To continue to be an advocate for the student-athlete and remain part of the process until the student enrolls in a four-year college
  • To evaluate and advise as to the athletic implications of applying Early Decision
  • To maintain contact with coaches to determine the recruitment status of the athlete
  • To make recommendations about the application process
  • To make adjustments to the strategic action plan as new information becomes available
  • To help plan an itinerary for visiting colleges
  • To make suggestions on how to get the most out of an official or unofficial visit
  • To discuss suggestions with the student for alumni interviews
  • To guide the family through the scholarship offer and recruiting process including letters of intent, signing pressure from the coaches, etc

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