Ivy Recruiting Your Athletic Advantage


Is it your goal to continue to play your sport at the collegiate level? Do you hope to have the opportunity to attend one of the top 50 academic colleges or universities in the country? If you have answered "yes" to these questions, I can help you get started with a FREE Recruiting Overview.
My background includes being a:
Dartmouth College graduate with an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago
District Enrollment Director for Dartmouth College for 22 years, interviewing and rating hundreds of applicants
Partner in charge of Athletic Recruiting for Ivy Success Inc
Regional Director, National Scouting Report
Father of a four-year starter at a Patriot League university

If you have the athletic ability, the academic background, and determination to play at one of the country's prestigious academic schools but are unsure of how to use your athletic ability to your advantage, there is a good chance I can help you reach your goal. To understand more about how I might be able to help you, we need to learn about each other. The best way to do this is to simply click here to fill out and submit the form for a FREE, personal Recruiting Overview conversation by phone.

Being recruited by a selective school

According to NCAA.org, on average there are about 20 high school seniors for every freshman collegiate roster position available. With selective schools drawing applicants from all over the country and with their limited athletic budgets, their coaches are only able to see a fraction of the players who might be able to play for them. Knowing this can be discouraging even for highly qualified student-athletes.

But what if you have excellent academic qualifications, with an SAT over 2100, AP classes, and extra-curricular accomplishments? Unfortunately, that just makes you an average applicant for the most prestigious colleges and universities. You may be accepted but again the odds are against you. For example, on average the eight Ivy League schools accept only 12.5% of those that apply. Also discouraging.

The Athletic Advantage

If you have what a college coach is looking for in an athlete and a college coach at one of the top academic schools recruits you, your chances of being accepted go up dramatically. The good news is that not only can athletics be used to help you gain admission to prestigious colleges, but it also means you will be able to continue playing the sport you love at the collegiate level.

The problem is that most families have no experience in knowing how to go about using their athletic advantage. That is where I come in.

Your qualifications

For me to be able to be of help to you, you would need to have the recommendation of a coach who believes that you have the ability to play at the next level. In addition, you would need to be challenging yourself academically with college prep courses while maintaining a GPA in the 3.5 range or above. Finally, you will need to be on track to score a minimum of 1200 for Critical Reading and Math on the PSAT/SAT or 26 on the ACT.

When should you start a program?

You should start a program as soon as you are confident of four elements: you have the athletic ability, you will meet the minimum academic standards, you have good character and a positive attitude, and you have the desire and determination to play in college. There is no reason to invest time and money into getting recruited if any of these elements is missing, but every reason to begin once they are in place, regardless of grade level.

The first step

First we need to have a conversation, at no cost to you, to learn about each other and the recruiting process. The Recruiting Overview conversation will cover the four steps of the recruiting process, NCAA regulations including when coaches can contact prospects, the requirements necessary to be a recruited athlete, the role of the NCAA Clearinghouse, and the number of opportunities in your sport. Click here to fill out a simple form to get the process started. Remember, you only get one chance to get recruited and the earlier you start, the better your chances are. I look forward to talking to you.

Tom Chandler


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