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Parent Note - Football


Today Drew got his early decision acceptance from Brown. Last fall Brown had asked Drew to contact/recruit an Iowa QB. Brown was recruiting a first team all state class 2A (small schools with 200 or less in class) QB from Iowa. Drew plays 4A where schools are 400 to 650 per class. Brown offered the QB early decision. He didn’t apply. Brown got 2 other QBs in the meantime. Now Brown is the kid’s first choice and the recruiting coordinator for Brown told me that the Iowa kid is in a pool of 3 QBs and he is probably the weakest of the 3. They probably won’t take him. He is in a similar situation with Princeton. The kid may get left out of Ivy football.

Now I know why you were initially a little skeptical of my confidence in Drew playing Ivy. I wasn’t aware of all the issues surrounding Ivy recruiting. There are so many variables other than athletic ability that I didn’t understand. Most kids should take the first Ivy offer they can obtain.

In the future if you ever need me to speak to a potential client I would tell them that I should have hired you and your full program. I honestly think we were a little lucky that Drew was so gifted and did well enough to be in the showcase at every camp. Injuries, test scores, coach BS, other players, offensive systems, and AI are all potential land mines. We were just lucky on some of the issues and you helped us through the other issues. Drew said that there were 700+ at Princeton’s camp. No Ivy camp had less that 100 on our day of attendance. Harvard told us they had a pool of 1500 in their recruiting base. Odds are against Ivy football. There are 8000-10000 kids seeking 240 spots. The average high school dad does not understand the complexity of Ivy recruiting. It is more than athletic ability. Let me know if I can ever help you and your business. I don’t want to see a kid, like the Iowa QB, miss an opportunity to get a great education.



Dear Tom,

Many thanks for all your help through this extraordinary recruiting maze. We really appreciated your good counsel, realism, constant availability, and terrific diplomacy and communication.

We had a very good visit to Williams – everything they do is very high quality and we have been so impressed with the coach since meeting him last spring. Plus, they need a QB!

So we head out again on Friday to Amherst and Middlebury and John will make a decision next week, which I think he is ready to do. He may want to speak with you before concluding.

Again, thank you. It was a pleasure working with you and we really appreciate all the interest, experience and work you put into this.




With your help, I think Dillon has found a school that will give him many quality opportunities to learn and grow. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your guidance through the process. I shared with my father, your and Dillon's e-mail exchanges as you helped him clarify his choice. My father is a life long educator (Yale PHD - Professor - Dean / Chancellor Emeritus, Texas Christian University ). He was very interested in Dillon's search. He characterized your thoughts as consistently important, "spot on". Dillon's mother and I agree. Perhaps one day we will meet, and be able to thank you in person. Dinner in LA?

Best Regards,
Will Tucker

Parent Note - W. Soccer

Thanks, Tom. You are a bargain!


I will most certainly recommend you, tom! (as I have already!) if you're listing schools that your athletes turned down, you could mention Lil turning down Stanford, Colgate half scholarship, Creighton scholarship, Wesleyan, Conn College, Bucknell, Santa Clara University, etc.... (just the proud mom in me coming out)...
I'm so thrilled at her choice- I think she'll be very intellectually stimulated, love the team, and have fun...and do a junior year or semester abroad with good support! Thank you so much for your guidance.

Happy new year,


Tom, I will put the check in the mail this weekend.
Yes, we are pleased for Allison, it does take a lot of the pressure off her senior year. Thanks for all you help.
By the way, I would be happy to speak with anyone who was interested in a reference for you. Feel free to give them my name and my number here at work, or at home.

We'll stay in touch.


Hi Tom,

It was great to see you again last weekend. Although we discussed Rebecca's soccer career (again!) it gave me the opportunity to review the help and guidance that you gave to us, not only when we first started, but through the whole recruiting process.

Rebecca had a fabulous 4 years at Duke, culminating in being named Captain in her senior year. Duke was the perfect school for her, although, as you know, she was recruited by Stanford, Yale and Princeton. In hindsight those were hard decisions to make yet you helped her make the correct choice. It all seems light years ago.... are we getting older or are our girls growing up too fast? Look forward to catching up again in the not too distant future.

Ross Smith

Hi Tom,
Thank you, she's in at Davidson and were very excited for her and I believe she is too. We couldn't have done this without your support and guidance. Its been a long process but very rewarding tonight.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
Will speak tomorrow.


From the mom of a female soccer player with an ACL in March of her junior year.

I know, I know,...she will be just another player until she can see her play BUT do not underestimate the power of positive thinking Tom. Look how far you have gotten us! It is like a miracle!
I wait for your instructions...and thanks for listening.


Parent Note – M. Soccer

Dear Tom,

Stu and I were discussing last night how much help you provided us in our college process. We both feel strongly that one month’s fee does not accurately reflect the amount of work you did on our behalf. Even though UCLA “found” Jake, your guidance helped us seal the deal. Please accept this check as a “bonus” or token of our sincere thanks. Go Bruins! Go Quakers!



Hi Tom,

I just want to add my thanks for all the learning that Nate did under your tutelage. Even though he won’t be pursuing a soccer career in college because of his injury, he learned a lot of useful lessons about self promotion and follow through that will help him throughout his life. We have you to thank for that.

All the best,


Dear Tom,

This time of year reminds me of what we and Jamie were going through - last year. Thanks to your valuable expertise, the athletic recruiting process ran so much smoother than had we been trying to manage everything by ourselves. Your suggestions were always beneficial and timely and your assistance to Jamie was priceless. Having you available to share e-mails with and strategize with Jamie was very meaningful when he was overwhelmed by correspondence. Also, you helped him focus on what he really wanted as a college athlete. In the end, he chose to accept a position with a Division I university, although, with your assistance, he had other offers. We can't begin to imagine how we could have survived the recruiting calendar without your thoughtful, intelligent approach. Please know that we highly recommend you and would be happy to talk to any potential clients you might have.

Most Sincerely,
Denise Melas


Email from dad who had signed up for Stanford soccer camp and then found out his son was not a prospect there before the camp started.

Wasted my money! Just what you warned of. Should have called you $1,000.00 sooner.

He leaves for camp Sunday.
Todd Hansen


Tom -

Hope all is well with you and that your work continues to go well with student athletes.

Just wanted to let you know that Jack committed to Haverford, and as is the case with D3, waited to get the final word from admissions that he was officially accepted. He got that letter on December 15, and is excited (and relieved) to have successfully navigated the recruiting process and to have found a match that is perfectly suited to him.

Thanks again for all you did to prepare him, his dad (and me) for the discussions they had with coaches. Your words of wisdom gave them the confidence to a) understand the process from the coach's perspective
and b) to interface from a position of knowledge.

We wish you and your athletes continued success - we are all fortunate to have found you.

Laurie Bodine



Thank you very much for a great job on Ricky. There is no way that we could have gotten the results we did without your help. Not only did you help get our son into a great school, but you also provided the sound advice along the way that kept our stress level down to a reasonable level. I would not hesitate to recommend you to parents and athletes seeking top notch schools.

Best of luck in the new year!
Fred Doar


Parent Note – Baseball

Dear Tom,
We couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide Ian through this journey. Thank you for everything!
Heather, Sassoon, Ian & Rebecca

You are a huge source of information! Well worth our investment.

That is great thanks Tom we would be nowhere without you!


We sent Travis off to West Point today. Tomorrow is R-Day, hair cuts, clothes issued, etc. We wanted to thank you for all your help and advice.

It was the Stanford camp, that you recommended, that started this ball rolling. Travis has a great opportunity that will benefit him for the rest of his life!

Thank you,
Marcy and Gavin Rowatt

Dear Tom

I just wanted to thank you so very much for all you’re hard work with Christian. For my part, one of the most important things I realized was how much he learned and enjoyed working with you. Even though in my heart I knew that it was possible he would go this way. I’m very happy for him and I WANT TO THANK YOU. My wife and I also learned a lot from this process and we now look forward to doing it again with possibly Nicolas and most defiantly Lucas. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or (Happy Holidays).

Pat DiPietrantonio

Thank goodness for you Tom! Your advice is golden around here! Keep up the good work! I truly appreciate all you are doing!

Mo's mom


It’s been a wild ride with Mo and baseball, but your stewardship has brought him safely ashore to a great school and great program. You’ve become like a part of the family – Mo might say a third nagging parent. THANKS!


You have been on my list to call. chris is enjoying a stress free senior year. even keeping his grades up! Coach Babb has been in regular contact with him and chris is planning a few trips down to baltimore this spring to watch the team. we really appreciate the effort you put in on chris' behalf. i think he is really in the right spot both athletically and academically. if anyone ever requests a reference or testimonial about your services, i'd be happy to speak to them about our terrific experience with you.

Parent Note - Volleyball

Great news. She got in. An acceptance letter was sent in the mail. Must have arrived today. We left Friday morning to go to a club volleyball tournamemt in Dallas. We had someone stop by and check the mail and there was the letter. What a relief.

We can't thank you enough for all your help and desperately needed advice. It was really a comfort to have you in our camp. I'd like to call you sometime this week with Jordan to thank you again.


Parent Note - M. Lacrosse

Dear Tom:
Thank you so much for the input. I have to say, it is really great for a parent to receive. I agree, it's a good start. Barrett never is as positive about things as he should be (he is very hard on himself), so it was hard to tell how he really did. Your input is incredibly helpful (and reassuring).

All the best,


Yes we were very happy with this; and very thankful for your help witheverything! I am a happy customer and you can feel free to use me for any promotional purposes.

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.


Parent Note - Softball

Tom....Bonnie here...thank you ever so much for your guidance in the process...we never would have gotten this far had you not started us down this loooooooooong treck.


Nice to hear from you. Lauren is really enjoying Lehigh - we're not so sure she'll ever come home. Guess that answers the question about being homesick?

Thanks for all you've done. She didn't end up with a scholarship (as u remember she turned down a near full ride for Lehigh) but she couldn't be happier. School is more than just softball and she got the message in time to make a great decision. Your help and knowledge of east coast schools and the more competitive schools in particular proved to be invaluable. She wouldn't have been introduced to Lehigh without you and she wouldn't have taken the official visit without your support. Your knowledge of the community and school was very much on target and she's gone off to Bethlehem with her eyes wide open and excited. Thanks for the support and knowledge. Having gone early decision was also a big benefit for her personally as she was able to concentrate on school and got the best grades ever, both semesters her senior year. She really enjoyed playing summer softball without the pressure of wondering where she was going to school, and again played some of the best ball she's ever played.

Good luck in your new adventure - your expertise of schools was one of the talents we most needed and used, you'll do well we're sure!


Parent Note - M. Track


First, I have been very pleased with your input to Nate and your level of effort. Second, I think it has been a bargain at the price. If you give me the mailing instructions, I with send the balance with dispatch.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for all your efforts. Eric couldn’t be more excited and Nagwa and I feel very good about his choice and decision.

We’re a little overwhelmed by the pending logistics of attending multiple sporting events in far-away regions. Somehow, we’ll figure it out.

Lex has had a great indoor track season. He’s provisionally qualified for NCAA Division III championships in the 800 M (1:43.14) which is also a Denison school record. Lex also has two other school records (relays) and has almost qualified in the mile (4:18).

Good luck with Ivy Recruiting. We’ll continue to be advocates sharing our successes.

David and Nagwa

Parent Note - M. Basketball

Thanks for the advice. It actually brought tears to my eyes. You are terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom, I love how straight forward you are. Your words and experience usually put my mind to rest. One of the greatest attributes you have is that your word can be trusted. That's one of the deceptions in this whole process I find aggravating. I love that you say what you mean and mean what you say!

As always, thanks.


I wanted to write a note of thanks to you for all the work, encouragement, and follow through you gave to Kevin, Dan, and me. But most importantly, if it wasn't for you suggesting that we see all the terrific Division III schools, we may never have known what was out there for Kevin! THANK YOU so much for the additions to our May trip - it was worth it. As you know, I fell in love with the Williams, Amherst, and Dartmouth areas. Dan and I are VERY pleased with Kevin's decision to go to Williams. So, thanks for helping out Kevin and all that you do!!


The Rosenthal's would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are so grateful to be able to share our first college recruitment experience with you. You have truly been a blessing to our family (especially me). Enjoy your day and may your holiday season be filled with love and happiness.

All I can say is thank you, thank you! I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and your work. Brett seems to be on top of things. He has alot going on with school, preparing for ACT's and conditioning for the season. I must say he has great time management skills. If there is anything I should be doing please inform me. Have a wonderful night and again thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parent Note - W. Lacrosse


I just want to let you know how thankful I am of all that you have done for Maya. You are a wonderful person extremely reliable and very caring. Things have been a little sad here since she was turned down by the Ivies but I think today we are seeing some light as she has three fine schools to choose from in Tufts, Colgate and Haverford where she was recruited for lacrosse and you definitely have a very big part in this process. I really appreciate your caring for Maya!

Thank you again,

Parent Note – M. Tennis

Hi Tom,

Congratulations on a very impressive admit season! The testimonials are incredible as well. Even though we did not finally go the recruit way, I would be happy to recommend you and your services.

Thanks again for all your help!

Parent Note - Field Hockey

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to update you on Melanie's field hockey. She has been in constant contact with Liz and Annette, the coaches from Ball State, either by phone or email. She is so excited to be going there next year. We are really grateful for all the wonderful advice you have given us. We don't feel that any of this would be possible without your guidance. We believe that your recruiting knowledge and contact with Liz gave Melanie an edge at Ball State.

I hope all is well with you and your family. Talk to you soon.

Parent Note - Swimming

Dear Tom,

Just want to extend my thanks to you again for such thorough and hard work. I am so glad Sheridan received a nice reply from Tufts and Wesleyan.


Parent Note - W. Crew

Thank you Tom for ALL your tremendous support, motivation, and advice you have given Priya throughout her college recruitment process! I just cannot express how much you have meant to Priya and to her family. You have never given up on Priya and really worked hard to help her convey and sell her passion for crew and tailor her interactions with the coaching staff of the colleges of her choice. Whatever success Priya achieves with her college admissions, we owe a GREAT deal to you. Thank you for caring, generously giving extra effort, encouraging Priya even during some disappointing times, and just being a great friend…

I look forward to working with you during these next few months as we will rely on you to help Priya with her admission responses and decision…

Warm Regards,

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